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Andy Tillo

I've got nearly 20 years of enterprise IT experience spanning both management and individual contributor roles; with that I can operate very clearly from both sides of the table. A common trait of I.T. is that it is considered a cost center for a company - my goal has been not to deny the question, but rather accept it and validate focusing on areas of improvement/automation to keep that cost under control. As an individual contributor I've personally built tools that have saved critical time and money - As a manager I've built highly successful teams that have carried that vision and driven costs down by producing/implementing million dollar scalable solutions and automation tasks saving $1MM plus in savings year over year. I make data driven decisions. I believe what can be measured, can be done. As a team, if we know the contours of the problem, and who is affected, we can put forward a solution based on solid data. I'd say I'm a visionary; it's a grandiose statement, but the point being that I'm very good at seeing where a product/idea can go. I'm great at brainstorming ways to improve a space or a concept, and good at putting together a sensible plan to get there. I believe in incremental wins. Sure you can try to boil the ocean, but systematic small steps get you there and prove process along the way. Not only is it a confidence boost for the people working on the project, but it shows you're meeting milestones to the people above your pay grade.

Andy Tillo's Background

Andy Tillo's Experience

Manager - Enterprise Directory Services at T-Mobile

December 2007 - June 2012

Managed a team of Tier4 system admins for the T-Mobile Enterprise specializing in a handful of things including Microsoft Active Directory, Single Sign On, DNS/DHCP, Identity Management, Solaris 10 EE6 LDAP environments, PKI, SCOM, Infoblox, nCipher, security best-practices, DFS, SSL, Rights Management, Patching, Terminal Services, Key Management Suite (KMS), RSA tokens, Powershell, C#, ACL and DACLing, Microsoft Office365. I kept a hand in the individual contributor aspect of the role as well here. I enjoy problem-solving and will oftentimes take a hands-on approach when these opportunties present themselves. I can still troubleshoot and craft up a pretty decent Powershell script if the need arises. Under my management, my team developed dozens properly provisioned applications, solutions and environments on many different platforms. We've delivered solutions to the business that have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars year over year and continue to do so with a lot of the automation processes we've put in place. Some of the notable projects I've helped implement/oversee in this role include: - Purchasing/negotiating/implementing the $1MIL hardware upgrade of the LDAP backend to - Continuous contract negotiations for various 3rd party environments. - Implemented several security best-practice policies around proper authentication/authorization methodologies for LDAP across the enterprise. - Transitioning 30,000+ DHCP scopes from our Windows environment to Infoblox appliance with no downtime and no users affected across a 12 month timespan. - Self-service and automation tasks that currently save the company $500K (and growing) year over year in efficiencies driving in by these tasks. - Implemented policy to push least-privlege rights across the enterprise. - Built and deployed Rights Management across the company to cut down on company information leaks.

Manager, Admin 3,4 - Messaging Security at T-Mobile

August 2005 - March 2008

I was brought in to manage an overworked team to streamline some of the workstreams that kept the team in reactive mode and firefighting instead of being proactive and addressing concerns before they hit us. I got the team in front of a lot of the issues that were being addressed via proactive monitoring and identifying "top offending" items that cause these outages. People don't think of Exchange as a Tier 0 application enough - they think it's Tier 1 or 2, but in today's environment, when Exchange (or BES/Mobile email) go down, the company loses money, and I got the team ahead of that with identiying where our gaps were (monitoring/proactive troubleshooting) and putting products and processes in place to address them. Another one of my notable projects was the $1MIL project to revamp the spam prevention solution. I evaluated over a dozen vendors, created custom formulas to meet our specific needs, and came up with a custom scoring solution that identified what we needed in the solution. Most managers don't recognize exactly what they need when it comes time to purchase- they know "generally" what they want, and settle on price. Oftentimes they'll be sold a "one size fits all" solution, that unfortunately, doesn't fit their needs. I'm good at optimizing usefulness and spend, while balancing risk and cost. Additionally managed off-shore managers and individual contributors that tackled some of the lower-level tasks across the organization. I'm a strong proponent of automation, but some pieces still need to have a human touch and many of these tasks fit perfectly in a streamlined I.T. arsenal.

I.T. Administrator 2,3,and 4 at T-Mobile

August 2002 - October 2005

We were the 2 tier support that'd run out and help the 40,000ish employees if the helpdesk couldn't solve the problem over the phone. We had (and they still have) a wide range of things they are responsible for ranging from fixing calendaring issues to deploying new desktops/laptops to configuring and rebuilding all the wireless devices.. I received 2 promotions over the time I was here and ended as the ITA to the C-level executive staff before moving on to the Exchange team. I also won the PEAK Achievement Award which is given to less than the top .01% of employees voted on by the employees and got a week-long all expenses paid trip to Hawaii.

Information Systems Specialist III at State of Montana

June 2001 - August 2002

We provided all the I.T. support to all the courts across The State of Montana. Primarily proprietary software, server, and desktop support. I gave a lot of technical presentations/training to district court admins across the state on things ranging from email management to Novell Netware basic support.

Supervisor/I.T. Admin Tech Services at Whitman College

August 1997 - July 2001

I was integral in standard I.T. responsibilities ranging from repairing systems over the phone to hands-on troubleshooting to managing work schedules and training on Microsoft Best Practices. Given my skillet and personality, I was responsible for interviewing, hiring, and training new employees.

Information Technology Tech at Semitool

June 1999 - September 1999

Here I had a lot of training right when Windows 2000 was coming out. Got a little deeper on the OSI model and lead training classes on Server2000. I'm very good at picking up new technologies.

I.T. Consultant at Helena Independent Record

August 1995 - June 1997

I was approached for this job by way of several recommendations when the company wanted to start building a web presence - I had the skills to help design, architect and deploy the first versions of their site.

Manager - Infrastructure Automation Services at T-Mobile

June 2012

Infrastructure Automation Services minimizes EIT OpEx resource costs by automating tasks required to design, deliver, maintain and support SM&O systems. We are focused on delivering money back to the bottom line by way of automated infrastructure efficiencies. Currently building the internal cloud at T-Mobile via HP Cloud Services Automation (CSA) and Operations Orchestration (OO).

Andy Tillo's Education

Whitman College

1997 – 2001


Andy Tillo's Interests & Activities

Cloud services, automation, sports, statistics

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